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How soon will my package be sent out?

With the exception of holidays and Sunday, all products are sent with 48 hours of the order.

How do I know your products are safe?

All products are tested, reviewed, and approved before release. Also, all products are only made from natural ingredients.

How can I contact you if I have a question I need answered?

Email us at AfroJuiceStore@gmail.com and you'll have a response ASAP.

Do you use private labor or animal testing for your products?

No, and we never will!

Are your products good with sensitive skin?

Different people's skin will have different needs, so it's best that you speak with a dermatologist if you feel too unsure about buying a product.

How can I apply a discount to my order?

At checkout you should see a bar section to insert any discount code before your payment actually occurs.

If I sign up for your email program, will you spam me?

Nope! Emails are only used to share important info with our customers and are not spammed.